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We need to do more to ensure that our public schools have the resources they need to be successful so that our students can go on to be productive, successful members of our community. For far too long, we have spent millions of dollars on programs that have not improved outcomes for our children. Instead, we must start listening to our teachers and ensuring they have the resources they need to provide a high-quality education for every child.

In order to do this, Delaware’s budget must allocate enough money to our schools so that they have these resources. Our students deserve to go to schools that are safe, clean, and able to provide a variety of health and wellness services in addition to a good education. When Delaware’s children succeed, the entire community reaps the benefits.

My plan to strengthen Delaware’s schools:

  • Implement a maximum student-teacher ratio in a class, no longer allowing waivers, so educators are better able to meet the individual and wide-ranging needs of our students.
  • Allocate extra funds for schools to adequately support low-income students and English language learners.
  • Train educators in trauma-informed practices to allow them to better understand their students and teach them how to become successful citizens who contribute to their communities.
  • Review school enrollment in January to account for students who have moved or whose needs have changed to ensure that schools are receiving the necessary funds to support their student body.



As a small business owner and teacher, I am familiar with the struggles of small business owners and with the necessity of having to work multiple jobs to support your family. To help support Delaware’s economy, we need to find sustainable budget solutions, create more jobs for hardworking Delawareans, and provide opportunities to grow the middle class.

Some of my top priorities include:

  • Ensuring that we have a balanced budget that doesn’t place an excessive burden on the middle class.
  • Cutting the red tape of excessive regulations on small businesses, while making sure that big corporations don’t exploit loopholes.
  • Maintaining proper funding for schools to make sure that they have the abilities to meet the needs of Delaware’s future.



As a former law clerk with the Delaware Attorney General’s Office and in my current position as a teacher of at-risk students, I have personally seen the extensive impact crime has on Delaware’s families. If we want to make our state safer and more prosperous, it is my firm belief that we must address the root causes of crime, reduce the harmful effects that addiction has on individuals, and ensure that those caught in the system have the support to become productive members of society.

Some of my top priorities include:

  • Minimizing the collateral consequences of being convicted of a crime so that those in the criminal justice system can become productive citizens and we can reduce recidivism rates.
  • Providing training in trauma-informed practices and trauma-sensitive education for teachers, medical professionals, and law enforcement to help prevent crime and de-escalate potentially violent situations.
  • Implementing stricter gun control laws such as an assault weapons ban and prohibiting gun ownership for those with a domestic violence conviction.
  • Building strong relationships between law enforcement and the community to help reduce crime and to keep our police officers safe.



Delaware has the 3rd highest healthcare cost per capita in the country, but falls 31st in health and wellness. We are also deeply enmeshed in two public health crises that need to be addressed immediately - addiction and gun violence.

To make Delaware a healthier state, I will fight for:

  • Supporting our primary care physicians so that they can continue to practice in Delaware and help keep our community healthy.
  • Publicizing data about insurance costs and reimbursements because transparency is key to protecting healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Funding a recovery high school to assist addicted adolescents while ensuring they are graduation-bound.
  • Implementing an opioid fee on drug manufacturers and place that money in an opioid impact fund to help pay for prevention and treatment costs.
  • Treating urban gun violence as the public health crisis that it is and follow the recommendations of the CDC to help protect our children from trauma and its lasting effects.


I care deeply about the world our kids are growing up in; we need to protect Delaware not just for ourselves, but for future generations. Currently, over 90% of Delaware’s waterways are classified as impaired, meaning they don’t meet safety standards for their designated uses such as drinking or swimming.

To protect Delaware’s climate, water, and habitats, I will advocate to:

  • Improve Delaware’s water infrastructure to ensure we have safe drinking water and reduced flooding, and to protect our economy by making sure tourism and agriculture are able to thrive.
  • Increase our renewable energy goal from 25% by 2025 to at least 50% by 2030, which will create more green jobs to bolster Delaware’s economy.
  • Require chemical facilities to reduce toxic emissions and to monitor and publicly report emissions and possible health hazards.
  • Protect our open spaces for future generations to continue to enjoy.

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